I am so glad that I took the time to get to the Florida Museum For Women Artists in Deland. The current exhibit features the art quilts of nine Florida women. I give you only a few little tastes of the exhibited work.

The following quilt and close up detail is “Listen to Your Conscience” by Pat Kumicich. I loved her use of printed letters and transparency in this quilt

“When Will The Terror End” also by Pat Kumicich featured a bold graphic design as well as elaborate hand stitching which added detail, shadowing and highlighting.

“After Usle” is by Eleanor McCain.

Jayne B. Gaskins called her works Fiberography as she combined photos printed on fabric with heavy stitching some of which was 3D. The example is named “Spirit of Coastal Forest.”

“Scattered Archaeologies” is by Valerie Goodwin.

“Day and Night in the Garden” is by Katherine K. Allen.

This is “Sea Anemone I” by Maya Schonenberger.

All of the following close up details are from a variety of works by Maya Schonenberger showing some of the array of materials she used in her art quilts such as papers (maps and newspapers), photos, feathers, lace, a variety of fabrics and threads.

With the museum’s permission, I used my phone to take these photos and the photos do not do the works justice.  Visit the websites for these artists or better yet see their work in person to fully appreciate the beauty, strength and techniques reflected in their works. For use of any photos of their work, please contact the individual artists.

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