The  World Quilt Show -Florida IV, was held in West Palm, earlier this month on November 8 to 10, 2012.  This was my third year to attend and there are always so many quilts that really wow me.  I am going to have to break up my post into sections to be able to cover my favorites. Part I covers favorite quilts from Israel.

Maya Chaimovich won Best of Country for “Bud.”

“To Be Free” is also by Maya Chaimovich.

“The Selukia Spring” is by Ruth Rudnick.

“Friday’s Flowers” is by Judy Ball-Farber.

“The Neighborhood’s Bougainvillea” is by Carmela Zak.

“From the Depths” is also by Carmela Zak.

“A Village in the Galilee” is by Rachel Covo.

Shoshi Finkelstein created “Inbar’s Flourishing Garden.”

“Puddles after the Rain” is by Shoshi Rimer.

“Jumping Squares” is by Hana Ron.

“Roots” is by Hava Katzir.

“Negev Landscape” is by Bella Kaplan.

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