You probably think I have been drinking wine and munching on Christmas cookies, since I have been missing in action for so long. And yes, there has been lots of activities including birthdays, videos, music, dinners and sweets to eat. And although I have not even put away my Christmas decorations yet, I have not been totally neglecting creative adventures during this time.


I went crazy making potholders/trivets.


I dyed some scarves.


I have one quilt on the long arm ready to go…


and another almost ready to quilt…


and yet a third one ready to quilt.


I received lots of great fabric for presents….as well as the fabric for the Modern Quilt Guild Madrona Road Challenge…


and a journal and pens to (from the person who originally inspired me to quilt, thanks, Debbie) to plan out my next fabric projects.


I watched (twice) the new DVD by Wen Redmond, “Digital Imagery in Fiber Art: Using Textured Backgrounds for a Painterly Effect” , and also looked through the book, “Digital Alchemy: Printmaking techniques for fine art, photography, and mixed media” by Bonnie Pierce Lhotka and came away inspired. Very excited and inspired.*


I have been playing with some stabilizer, texturing materials such as molding paste, and paints and some coating supplies such as Ink Aid products…


to physically alter some of my already digitally altered photos (in Photoshop) to use in fabric projects hopefully to be made in the very near future.

I will send some updates soon, promise!

* Some of the other materials that inspire me along the same lines are:

“Digital Art Revolution” by Ligon

“Digital Art Studio” by Schminke, Krause and Lhotka

“Digital Expressions” by Tuttle

“Digital Image Transfer” by Horovitz

“Digital Quilting” by  Smith and Smith

“Piecing with Pixels” by Hart and Campbell

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