Our chapter of Modern Quilt Guild made up our own shop hop and we car pooled our way to three fabric stores in three cities.

Not counting the book or the thread I purchased this is my haul . . .


which had no possibility of fitting into one of my fabric cupboards since I had not yet put away these newly acquired fabrics from Christmas . . .


So I faced the fact that it was time to clean up. This is what the first cabinet looked like when I started. It got really ugly after that.


In fact it got so bad, I had to take something to ease the pain.


I don’t even want to tell you how many hours were spent, so let’s just say it spanned two days and resulted in half a garbage bag of thow aways and two full garbage bags of fabric to be donated.

I can close the cabinet doors!  (Please don’t mention that the top of the cabinets still need cleaning.)


If the clean up wasn’t so time intensive, I might have actually refolded the cloth before stacking it.  But let’s not ask for miracles. Anyway now I can find what I need when I want it.


You wonder what the rest of the studio looks like?  Well you won’t see it until some other weekend when I clean the work surface, the closet, and go through the boxes in the corner.  No promises on how long that is going to take, especially when what I really want to do is play with fabric.

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