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I had a wonderful time at Focus on Fiber at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.  I took several classes. The one I will tell you about today was a class, Fearless Surface Design, with Allison Stilwell and Midge Boudouin.




We got to enjoy some great samples of both Allison’s and Midge’s work.


I loved the high windows and ceiling in our work space.  A group of architecture students took a tour of the buildings and grounds while we were there.

We used spray inks, paints, and pudding (fabric extender) along with thermofax screens, stencils, watercolors and water soluble pastel crayons to design fabric surfaces. Midge also demonstrated various methods for framing or mounting finished fabric pieces. On the last day we began designing projects with scraps plus some of the fabric we had created.

I wanted to take this class for two reasons in particular.  First I had already seen and loved Allison and Midge’s work.  I blogged about it previously. The second reason was that although I had tried my hand at using paints and thermofax screens, I really needed to loosen up and do more layering. So the “fearless” approach to getting in there and being brave and trying different techniques and creating multi-layers was exactly what I needed.  Besides learning a lot and getting looser,  it was a lot of fun too.  After awhile people in nearby rooms got used to our outbursts of fearless roaring.  : )


This is some of the fabric that I created during the workshop.


Lindsay enthusiastically turned out quite a bit of beautiful fabric in a short time.


We had a communal drop cloth that we would screen images on as we finished using screens on our individual fabric. At the end of the class we each received a portion of the cloth.


I finished my project which I started the last day of class.  It is called “Garden Puppy.” And wow, after bending a hand sewing needle and breaking one machine needle trying to stitch the binding, I really do know now to cut back on the amount of paint next time I use paint on fabric.  I need to add some working “smarter” to my working “fearlessly.”

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