I have been wanting to make spring rolls, but never ventured out looking for rice paper.  Finally I discovered it is carried by my neighborhood grocery store, next to the Sushi counter.

The rice paper wrapper is almost a piece of art in itself.


I chopped up an assortment of veggies: romaine, sprouts, carrots, yellow peppers and cilantro and mixed with some seasonings….


…and cubed and heated tofu.


Next is the rice paper and this is where the glory and the humility exist in the making this dish.  The rice papers are beautiful in their transparency hinting at all the goodies contained within.  However, as soon as you wet one in warm water, the edges begin to curl. The first wet one I put down on a paper towel, but the towel adhered to the rice paper. Since it could not be peeled off  I had to throw it out.  After the first mistake I set the wet rice paper down on a layer of wax paper on a cookie sheet.  That worked better, but then the challenge was to do a nice job of wrapping.  The first two I made were too long and skinny, more like enchiladas. A few turned out pretty nice.  I almost did not post the following photo showing the left over spring rolls.  Some are clumsily wrapped and the others are falling apart with veggies sticking out here and there, not that that affects the taste at all.


Mmmm.  The chili garlic dipping sauce really adds some zing!


The recipe is “Summer Rolls with Chili-garlic Dipping Sauce” in the Veg Power! cookbook by Weight Watchers.

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