It seems like Labor Day weekend is either for partying or home improvement projects.  Naturally I could be wrong, but that has been my impression. I seriously thought about going to the beach, but I could go there next weekend when it will be quieter and the weather should be just as nice.  So working at home won out.


A year or two ago I had purchased some vintage patio furniture.  The pieces were painted dark green and had hideous fabric covered seats.  I pulled off the seats and repainted the chairs and table white.  But the white takes too much trouble to keep looking clean, and I never recovered the seats.  Recently I purchased some Amy Butler oil cloth in a bright print that went with the green color of the outdoor carpet on the porch, and I recovered the chair seats.


The rockers had also been painted white several times and usually looked mildewy.


So this weekend was time to paint.  And let me just add that if you are having unusually dry weather, just try having an outdoors painting project, and it will rain. The application of the first coat of paint was immediately followed by a lengthy thunder storm.

The color scheme for the new seat covers on the vintage furniture and the rockers was inspired by the porch thermometer.


And while I am talking about decorative elements such as the thermometer, my favorite outdoor decoration is a bell.  A bit of nostalgia; at one time, when Danny, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and Molly, an Australian Shepherd, were still living, they would come running when you would ring the bell. Well Molly would anyway.  Danny would think about it and decide, after all he was a terrier.


Back to the paint job.  Everything got repainted with black paint.



And some lights were added for night time ambiance.


My assistant approves.


Now if the temperature would just come down enough to be comfortable sitting outdoors.

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