dad copy

My father’s heart

could no longer keep pumping.

And now his spirit has sailed away.

He was loving and supportive,

curious and smart,

sensitive and thoughtful.

He loved the challenge

of making a frowning person smile.

He never met a problem that could not be solved

by a little logic and a big dose of chocolate.

He was a collector of arrowheads,

stamps and coins, books and bookmarks,

old radios and new friends.

He knew about plants, animals and electronics,

about astronomy and the tides.

He was a sailor,

traversing the San Francisco and The Chesapeake Bays,

avoiding sand bars and ocean going ships,

flying through the sun and the wind,

in brackish waters with salty spray.

He helped me see and navigate the world around me;

fireflies and maple leaves,

seashells and ocean waves.

He helped me to see myself, to believe in myself,

and to consider what others are feeling and why they act as they do.

Whenever we could not figure something out,

how something was made or how it worked,

we would call upon dad.

He was the family encyclopedia, our teacher, our librarian.

Time and time again he delighted us with his answers.

My father’s heart

could no longer keep pumping.

Now his spirit has sailed away

into uncharted waters.

Sadly I wave, wishing him safe passage.