Had I looked out the window 5 minutes later I would have missed this incredible scene.

IMG_5653 copy


IMG_5663 copy

I went to a quilt retreat over the weekend and the location was inspirational.

IMG_5694 copy

IMG_5700 copy

IMG_5704 copy

IMG_5709 copy


Returning to my studio I found evidence of impermanence.


In Florida it is not uncommon to find a small lizard that got trapped in the house and starved to death.  I have never before seen a deceased lizard hanging from the wall. Usually they are on a window sill or on the floor behind furniture.

In my studio I put away new fabric acquisitions.  (Should I pretend I did not already have enough fabric?)


I put away several projects I worked on at the retreat.



And no, I did not forget about my avatar quilt.  I finished the quilt label today and hope to bind it tomorrow.  So you should be able to see it in the next day or two.


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