Back to the Future; what once felt so very modern is now absolutely retro.

“Back to the Future” is the first quilt I completed in 2014, though it has been in the works for some time.

These are fabrics I created last spring in a fantastic workshop with Allison Stilwell and Midge Baudouin at a Focus on Fiber workshop. I used fabric paints, inks, stencils and thermofax screens to create the surface designs. I had no particular purpose in mind as I made these, I simply enjoyed the process.


The center and right hand fabrics had a very retro feel to me.  I used large pieces of the fabric on the right and a few pieces from the center fabric to make the quilt shown below. I choose the fabrics I wanted to use before I had the idea of making a 1950’s/1960’s television.  The black and grey fabrics are commercial fabrics on which I appliqued, painted and thermofaxed.


This is back side and the quilt label.



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