I spent the best three days in a workshop with Anna Tomczak in her beautiful studio. She was so helpful and gracious and her photos and her books are incredible.


We worked on image transfers with Chartpak Blender markers, with tape, and with lacquer thinner and we created cyanotypes on fabric and on paper. We combined these products into small bound pamphlets and books.  (Later in the year Anna will have workshops in Mexico and in France.  Mmmm what a good excuse to travel.)

Here is one of my image transfers…


and a few of the cyanotypes.




This is the front and the back cover of my as-of-yet unbound pamphlet. The front cover art was made using a colorful water color by Sean Michael Robinson (turned into a black and white image before using it to make a cyanotype.) The finished cover was dipped in wax.

IMG_6619 copy

IMG_6622 copy

This is the inside of the front cover.


Thought for the day provided by William Watt, photographer.

“True creativity is something that comes from somewhere deeper than the thinking mind. It is where insight, deep connections and true authenticity comes from.”

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