In my last post I mentioned that a squirrel was eating all my cherry tomatoes.  I was determined that I would start harvesting the rest of the tomatoes as fast as they would ripen. I went right outside the very next day and harvested the first of the regular size tomatoes.


However, the first thing I saw before I inspected the beautiful new tomatoes, was evidence that Mr. Squirrel had been eating cherry tomatoes again.  A little cherry tomato was carved out into an empty bowl and left on the armrest of the outdoor chair I sit in. I felt mocked by Mr. Squirrel who would not only eat my tomatoes but use my chair as his dining location.  Fortunately the newer tomatoes are probably less tempting. For a squirrel to hold one would be comparable to a person holding and eating something the size and weight of a wrecking ball.


Over the weekend I took a great class on creating and binding a Star Book.  When you stand the book upright and put the covers back to back, it creates the shape of a five pointed star. Each of the five panels forms a vignette.





So many fun things to do, so many projects already started, I don’t know which to do next.


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