When my father passed away I had a re-occurring image in my mind of him glancing back over his shoulder as he sailed off into the distance.  My oldest son produced two versions of this image for me; both beautiful, one more serene and the other with more movement in the sky and the water.  I decided to frame the more serene image. I am so grateful that Sean could take what I imagined and translate it for me with watercolor and ink.



I have lost my focus.  I finally figured out that this has basically been true since the death of my father.  I am sure this is a natural part of grieving.  While I will continue to grieve I do feel like it is time to get back to accomplishing the things I really want to do.  To help me get refocused I signed up for an online workshop with Jane Dunnewold called Artist Strength Training.  It just started yesterday and I can tell already that it is exactly what I need at this point.



Well the squirrels and possibly some opossum accomplices have won.  They consumed every last tomato in the yard.  They started at the bottom of the plants eating ripe tomatoes and ate all the way up the plants consuming even the smaller green tomatoes.  This tomato which was carried off to a garden table was the last I photographed when I was still hopeful that I would at least get to eat the tomatoes at the very tops of the plants.


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