I have been thinking a lot about creativity and deterrents to it. Among the various obstacles in the way of creative time is what our family calls “Gramma’s Rule,” the concept that you must get your work done before you relax and have fun. Like most people my “to do” list never ends, as fast as one task is completed another gets added to the list.  I have decided it’s time for me to reorder my priorities! I need to figure out a way to honor myself by setting aside time to do the things I love.  Easier said than done.  I will report on my progress.

IMG_6455 copy

I took a great half day workshop over the week end on monoprinting.  Some of the individual photos of prints are not perfectly true to the color of the original. That is a great thing about photoshop, to be able to brighten as desired.  Some of these prints could end up as layers within other photos.








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