Robinson Cabinets6498

I have two large fabric cabinets. They look all nice and neat on the outside.


Robinson Before_8635

But a look inside is a threat to the viewer with danger of a fabric avalanche.


Robinson After Photo

It was time for a clean up of one cabinet.  Here’s the after photo.


Robinson Hearts Bursting

I discovered that I have many beautiful fabrics I am eager to use.  By removing a layer of fabrics I will never get around to using, I uncovered some treasures that I am eager to use.  I created this fabric collage, Hearts Bursting, using a piece of linen screen printed with dye and a resist. To it I added some hand dyed cheese cloth and commercial cottons. It’s machine stitched.


Robinson Workspace_6505

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that my list of UFOs is much longer than I originally counted. I took some photos of my studio and I could not resist sharing this one showing my assistant waiting patiently.


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