In the print class I am taking we carved a block in three phases, printing a different color ink after each carving.  The final print is on the left. I ran into a little trouble getting the black ink to print over the yellow and orange.  After experimenting with printing the block on white paper with black ink which it did easily, I conclude that something about the texture of the yellow and orange ink is preventing the black ink from adhering. Next in class we are going to try Chine-collee. Hmm, I only have a day to come up with my design idea.




Friday, I finally got around to watching the Jane Dunnewold DVD, “Design and Print Your Own Fabric.”  I was inspired how she just scanned paper, dyed fabric, and images on transparencies etc. to create her designs to print on fabric.  So taking only about 5 minutes I scanning  a mono print layered with one of my photos on a transparency.  This is what I came up with. But oh forgive how the color scheme above clashes with the one below!




Then spending another 5 minutes on Pic Monkey I came up with the following variation. (Pic Monkey is my new friend.)




Which version do you like best?