Last weekend I had a chance to stop by the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at the Florida Institute of Technology and see the exhibit, Embellished: A Celebration of Wearable Art. I am so glad that I did.  The exhibit runs until December 13th, so you still have a chance to get there.

Here is a little taste from the four exhibited textile artists.

This is the incredibly detailed work on a jacket named Happily Ever After by Ann Clarke. When I saw this jacket I finally understood why working obsessively had the potential to give excellent results.



These shoes by Marina Dempster are named Immune. I know I wouldn’t want to get close to the person wearing them.  :)



Ruth Funk uses all kinds of unique materials in her wearable art including antique fabrics from all around the world as well as items found in nature.  Here pumpkin seeds embellish the collar.



And on this jacket Ruth Funk has used dried shiitaki mushrooms.



This beautiful silk coat is a wonderful example of the work by Kerr Grabowski.  I enjoy the colors, the mark making, as well as the transparency and lightness of the silk.



This is a close up of a silk vest made by Kerr Grabowski. Her pieces are so airy and light; really beautiful and wearable, inspirational.


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