Is it possible to have too much fun?!  When I started this blog the idea was that I had an opportunity to reinvent my life and I wanted to share those new adventures.  I wanted a chance to be able to focus on family and friends and to indulge my love of creativity.  During these last years my life has been filled with both joy and sadness.  I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and to take many fantastic classes and workshops on bookmaking, cyanotype, quilting, dyeing fabric, printing on fabric with dye or paint or with a printer and on making thermofax screens.  I have also taken classes on composition, monoprinting, encaustics, general photography and photoshop. Whew! So many wonderful experiences!

I have started a two and a half year program of study with Jane Dunnewold, the Art Cloth Mastery Program, and this has inspired me to re-prioritize all the things that I do.  I have said yes to many wonderful opportunities in recent years.  But sometimes this means that the things I most want to do, which are more challenging and perhaps ultimately among the most rewarding, are put aside.


It is hard to do, but I am making changes.   I now rank my priorities as:


Family and close friends


I struggled with putting Health first as I really wanted Family to be first followed by Creativity.  But if you don’t have Health you don’t really have anything. Hey, I want to be around to meet my grandchild!  In creative endeavors I am putting the Art Cloth Mastery Program first, which means there are going to be many great classes, meetings, and events that I will have to bypass.  I will focus on the work we are doing within that Program and I will apply to get into one of two shows per year.  I think narrowing these activities will help me to learn and grow in a more focused, goal driven way.  We’ll see!


I would have never imagined that I was the little kid in the candy shop saying yes to everything that tempted me, never allowing me to make my way to the back of the shop where my very favorite thing was waiting for me.  Are you in danger of having too much fun? : ) Are you in danger of not doing the things that mean the most to you because you say yes to all the other things that are fun, but don’t ultimately bring you to where you want to be?

In case you were wondering the photos in this post are random photos I have taken in the last 12 plus months.

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