Summer impressions.  Hot. Humid. Afternoon thunderstorms.

All that remains.






Baby ducks.  One of the mother ducks started out with 14 ducks.  The other had 4 babies.  I don’t know how many are surviving but there are still many babies swimming around the pond and hunting for food. Here is a photo of my first viewing of the swimming babies.



And yes there is another reason I have babies on my mind.  My son and beautiful daughter in law are one day away from the due date.  I am so excited.



I am working on multiple fabric projects.  This one is a group project.  This is what we have so far.  Mine is the lower right. My birds are painted with textile paints and threads add detail.



These bits are pieces are part of an unfinished series and I am reluctant to show too much. This has made blogging a challenge as I typically have shared works in progress. So here are just a few tiny, and I really mean tiny, glimpses.



So you have had a mini peek.  Don’t tell anyone now. :)


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