I am having the hardest time blogging without really showing the fabric projects I am currently working on.  My silence makes it look like I am sitting around doing nothing or maybe (fantasy time) hanging out at the beach everyday.  In reality I took another photoshop class, am working on newsletters for SAQA, I am working on applying dye and paint to fabric, feeding my genealogy addiction on ancestry.com, reading travel guides to France, dreaming of meeting little Jasper, creating lush gardens in virtual worlds, and busy planning several trips (in the real world).

You might think virtual worlds are about perfection, about having fun and being in the perfect environment in the perfect youthful condition.  But even there things go awry.


   7-30-15 Under the weather

I can’t wait for Thursday as who know what will be going on and if I will be able to post anything then, so let’s just call this one Throwback Tuesday.  In case you aren’t sure, I am on the far left.

Robinson Scan 1-2

I can’t wait until I meet this sweetest newest member of the family.

IMG_4525 Web

Selfie time. Oh, is that some fabric I see?! (Hmmm….maybe that will distract you from the fact that somebody’s hair is turning white.)


Prediction:  I think there are more baby photos in my blogging future. : )

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