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In recent times, so much has happened in the world, in my life, in my art that blogging has fallen to the wayside.  Catching up seems like an impossible task and then I start wondering if I should blog at all.  But I do love sharing glimpses of my art explorations, cooking attempts and beach adventures as I also love seeing the explorations of others.  So I will give it another try, not by attempting to catch up, but just by continuing to show tidbits of the world from my limited vantage point.

So for today, here are a few tidbits.

First is a small self portrait done on fabric with photoshop, printing on fabric, water color paints, ink pencils and stitching.

Self Portrait_IMG_1173

Here is a little fabric post card I made (though the wonders of Photoshop)  for someone who is moving far, far away on a big adventure of her own.


And on today’s menu is a favorite soup, Pasta E Ceci.  I like all the versions (vegetarian) that I have tried, but this particular version is from “Whole Bowls” by Allison Day.


And while the thunder is rumbling outside and I eat the warm soup, I will laugh my way through another Dave Barry book.







Random experiences and reflections as we transition from one year into the next are recorded here.

Simple holiday decorations in the night sky.


The next two photos include fiber drawings by China Marks.  These had been part of the recent “Radiant Messenger” exhibit at the Foosaner Art Museum.



China Marks, the creator of the textiles above, was also the curator of the recent “Transformers; re-contextualizing our material culture” exhibit at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts. There were several fiber artists represented, but here I will focus on two multi-media pieces by Julie Peppito.

The first piece is named “Toxic Frock (This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein.)” I am sorry I don’t have the dimensions, but if my memory is correct, it seems it was taller than I am.


This is a closeup of a small area.


And even closer still.


This piece is named “Hidden in Plain Sight.” It amazes me that something with such a horrendous theme/s can, at a glance anyway, appear so beautiful.


And a close up.


Now onto new favorites.  A new favorite beverage is made from St. Germain elderflower liqueur, tangerine juice, seltzer water and ice cubes made with Prosecco.


New inspirational reading.


Books by favorite fiber artists.


Books on making patterns.  Creating textile designs is a goal for the year.img_9894med

Favorite new cook books.


Life, from beginning to end,  is a series of transitions.  Some changes are hardly noted, while others are marked as more significant.  Transitions include anything from learning to walk, learning to drive a car or make a recipe, the change of seasons, or the aging process.  The change from one year to the next is typically noted in a big way.  We relish opportunities for improvements in our lives.  We typically use the new year as a way to focus on what changes we want, though in reality we have that opportunity available to us each and every day that we live.


Here is hoping that in the New Year we each make a better life for ourselves as well as for others.



Some of my friends like bees; even love bees.  Some people want them at their homes and even bring them back if they try to move away.  (You know who you are.) Not me.  Nope.  I don’t want them hanging around in my yard, especially not inside the wall of my house.  I found someone to keep them away. If I want some honey I can drive down the road to the grocery store.  That works just fine for me. Thank you very much.


I have been experimenting with my new cookbooks.  This browned Cauliflower Gratin came from “Sprouted Kitchen, Bowl and Spoon” by Sara Forte. Mmm, very satisfying.


My favorite green bean recipe comes from Heidi Swanson’s “Near and Far.” The beans are slightly crisp with added crunch from sauteed sliced almonds and pepitas with zatar seasoning.


I have been doing some hand stitching.  I would have been done already if I had used a sewing machine, but the design printed with paint on the fabric was just too complex to do anything other than hand stitch it.


Oh and yes, this is a sander.  I am using it on a quilt.  This is just a test piece to see how the idea works.  You’ll just have to wonder and wait until I use it on a “real” work.  : )

© 2015

I am having the hardest time blogging without really showing the fabric projects I am currently working on.  My silence makes it look like I am sitting around doing nothing or maybe (fantasy time) hanging out at the beach everyday.  In reality I took another photoshop class, am working on newsletters for SAQA, I am working on applying dye and paint to fabric, feeding my genealogy addiction on, reading travel guides to France, dreaming of meeting little Jasper, creating lush gardens in virtual worlds, and busy planning several trips (in the real world).

You might think virtual worlds are about perfection, about having fun and being in the perfect environment in the perfect youthful condition.  But even there things go awry.


   7-30-15 Under the weather

I can’t wait for Thursday as who know what will be going on and if I will be able to post anything then, so let’s just call this one Throwback Tuesday.  In case you aren’t sure, I am on the far left.

Robinson Scan 1-2

I can’t wait until I meet this sweetest newest member of the family.

IMG_4525 Web

Selfie time. Oh, is that some fabric I see?! (Hmmm….maybe that will distract you from the fact that somebody’s hair is turning white.)


Prediction:  I think there are more baby photos in my blogging future. : )

© 2015

Summer impressions.  Hot. Humid. Afternoon thunderstorms.

All that remains.






Baby ducks.  One of the mother ducks started out with 14 ducks.  The other had 4 babies.  I don’t know how many are surviving but there are still many babies swimming around the pond and hunting for food. Here is a photo of my first viewing of the swimming babies.



And yes there is another reason I have babies on my mind.  My son and beautiful daughter in law are one day away from the due date.  I am so excited.



I am working on multiple fabric projects.  This one is a group project.  This is what we have so far.  Mine is the lower right. My birds are painted with textile paints and threads add detail.



These bits are pieces are part of an unfinished series and I am reluctant to show too much. This has made blogging a challenge as I typically have shared works in progress. So here are just a few tiny, and I really mean tiny, glimpses.



So you have had a mini peek.  Don’t tell anyone now. :)


© 2015

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