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There has been much lamenting in the last year.  Lamenting for the victims of the Pulse Shootings.


Lamenting for politics, politicians, election results, fake news, leaks and hacks.

(The Crying Liberty image is all over the internet and I am sorry to say I do not know who to credit for it.)


There have been happy distractions such as collage paintings.img_9401sm2



Hmm.  And some things I will not confess. img_8994sm2

I visited the West Coast.


Where I got to spend time with this little guy.


And I visited the Midwest.

img_9004sm2 img_9012sm2

And I made one of my twice a year trips to Texas.  Hmm do you call Texas the South or the West?


When I returned from Texas I hoped I was going to have a home to return to.

Thanks Hurricane Matthew for reminding me of the power of nature and for sparing my home and only temporarily wiping out beach access.img_9393sm2

And everyday the East Coast reminds me of the absolute beauty of nature.img_9227sm2img_9576sm2





A wonderful trip to France occupied the first half of May.  I am still uploading photos of my adventures to my computer.  I will share some of these photos in a series of posts all of which will include the word “Provence” in the title. The following two photos are of the entrance ways to the two 700 year old farm houses that our small group stayed in.  The two houses faced each other across a small walled in courtyard.



When I returned from France I took a three day workshop with Australian artist Tracy Verdugo. She is a supportive and sensitive person who excelled at helping the participants keep our inner critics at bay, which in turn helped us feel free to explore and have fun. The following two pieces are what I completed during the workshop.



During the workshop we also held a ceremony to honor nature and release our good wishes into the universe.  The pictures tell that story.




The flower mandala was later released into the ocean.

I used photoshop to greatly alter one of the closeup photos.IMG_8564-med

Stay tuned.  Many more photos to come!





sIMG_1596med jrrmed

In August I flew to California to see baby Jasper. Besides finding a beautiful, good natured child pictured above with proud parents, I also discovered uncooked tortillas. It just takes 30 seconds on each side to heat each one. It is hard to find them where I am in Florida, but I did discover a supply and so for several weeks I went on a fajita cooking frenzy. I found several meat substitutes that worked well with the fajita mixture; one is the Tofurkey Chorizo Style (ground) and another that worked well is Sweet Earth’s Chipotle Style Seitan (strips or ground). With the fajitas I served both homemade salsa and homemade avocado salsa, recipes from Moosewood Restaurant Favorites.

IMG_7933med IMG_7939med

Following my trip to California, I travelled to Texas for the class I go to every six months. When I returned from my trip to Texas I received from Amazon what is my newest favorite cookbook, Near and Far by Heidi Swanson.  So my cooking frenzy has been diverted to a different style of cooking which has involved turmeric and cauliflower and various beans, cheeses, pastas and creme fraiche.


Before heading to Texas I had a number of projects to complete.


I had a huge dye project in which I took fabrics of various shades of grey and over-dyed them with undiluted primary and secondary colors.  I used cotton, silk and rayon. The resulting colors were often very rich.  What a great way to get a collection of fabrics that would all work well together out of one or two dye pots.


I also had to produce a series of surface design pieces. This is a stack of whole cloth pieces with dye and textile paints.  I will probably finish three of them with backing and batting and stitching.  I don’t know yet which might be stitched on the long arm and which might be better with hand stitching.  While I enjoyed the process of seeing the layers build up into the final design, I plan to completely change direction this time around.

A few random photos from my trip to Texas.

IMG_8027med IMG_8047med IMG_7999med

In preparation for my next work I am gathering together an assortment of things which includes quilt templates, spackle and a sander.  You’ll just have to be patient while I experiment a bit with my ideas.

© 2015


Funny how sometimes a short drive away you find another world altogether.














Even a cold day in Florida can be a beautiful experience.


© 2015

Life continues to rush along at an amazing speed, but you would not know that looking at my blog TangerineKey.

I have made yummy “Wholegrain Gingerbread” and “Dried Mango and Toasted Coconut Muesli” from the book, Whole-Grain Mornings by Megan Gordon.


I got to see a friend who I only get to see once or twice a year and she reminded me sadly that this…


used to be this.


I got to talk to both of my sons and also my daughter in law.  The youngest son had interesting stories to tell, some of which revolved around a moose head. I will just let you wonder about that.  :)


I have had visiting family members, we went to wonderful restaurants and we also visited the West coast of Florida. (More photos on the West Coast in the next post.)


In between I have been diligently working away on a project. I always have trouble naming pieces. Two names that come to mind so far are Moss Park and Hidden Gems. (You can get a little look at the quilt in the first of the following studio photos.)

What finally motivated me to get me back to the blog is a challenge from fellow quilter, blogger, OMQG member, Debra of Made of Honor Quilts.  She invites us to blog about and instagram photos of our quilt rooms as they are with out cleaning up. Instagram tags:  #AsIsSewingRoom #orlandomqg

When I am in the middle of a project the room can be a disaster, with fabrics all over the table and bits and pieces of fabric all over the ironing board and the floor.  But right now I am in the phase of quilting on the home machine and so it isn’t too bad.  You don’t want your piece bumping into things knocking over everything while you are quilting, so fortunately it’s not so bad.


Main Studio Wall with Cutting and Sewing Areas


The old card catalog makes a great storage space for everything from thread to zippers.  The little design corner is too small for designing anything, but is a nice space to show small completed projects.


Huge cabinets make it possible to hide an immense amount of fabric.


My assistant is never far away and he has his own hideaway in the studio.

I have to confess that the longarm in another room is completely unusable.  I am working on a project to digitize the family photos to share copies with my siblings. I have bins and bins of photos to go through. The bins had been stacked up in the guest room, but since family visited, I loaded up all the bins onto the long arm table.  So right now that area qualifies as a disaster zone.


In a month from now I will be traveling to study in the Art Cloth Mastery program. I am not sure how I am going to finish this quilt that is taking forever, prepare for the program next month, clean off my longarm table and even consider starting some of those things I promised to do better in 2015.

© 2015

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