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Random experiences and reflections as we transition from one year into the next are recorded here.

Simple holiday decorations in the night sky.


The next two photos include fiber drawings by China Marks.  These had been part of the recent “Radiant Messenger” exhibit at the Foosaner Art Museum.



China Marks, the creator of the textiles above, was also the curator of the recent “Transformers; re-contextualizing our material culture” exhibit at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts. There were several fiber artists represented, but here I will focus on two multi-media pieces by Julie Peppito.

The first piece is named “Toxic Frock (This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein.)” I am sorry I don’t have the dimensions, but if my memory is correct, it seems it was taller than I am.


This is a closeup of a small area.


And even closer still.


This piece is named “Hidden in Plain Sight.” It amazes me that something with such a horrendous theme/s can, at a glance anyway, appear so beautiful.


And a close up.


Now onto new favorites.  A new favorite beverage is made from St. Germain elderflower liqueur, tangerine juice, seltzer water and ice cubes made with Prosecco.


New inspirational reading.


Books by favorite fiber artists.


Books on making patterns.  Creating textile designs is a goal for the year.img_9894med

Favorite new cook books.


Life, from beginning to end,  is a series of transitions.  Some changes are hardly noted, while others are marked as more significant.  Transitions include anything from learning to walk, learning to drive a car or make a recipe, the change of seasons, or the aging process.  The change from one year to the next is typically noted in a big way.  We relish opportunities for improvements in our lives.  We typically use the new year as a way to focus on what changes we want, though in reality we have that opportunity available to us each and every day that we live.


Here is hoping that in the New Year we each make a better life for ourselves as well as for others.



dad copy

My father’s heart

could no longer keep pumping.

And now his spirit has sailed away.

He was loving and supportive,

curious and smart,

sensitive and thoughtful.

He loved the challenge

of making a frowning person smile.

He never met a problem that could not be solved

by a little logic and a big dose of chocolate.

He was a collector of arrowheads,

stamps and coins, books and bookmarks,

old radios and new friends.

He knew about plants, animals and electronics,

about astronomy and the tides.

He was a sailor,

traversing the San Francisco and The Chesapeake Bays,

avoiding sand bars and ocean going ships,

flying through the sun and the wind,

in brackish waters with salty spray.

He helped me see and navigate the world around me;

fireflies and maple leaves,

seashells and ocean waves.

He helped me to see myself, to believe in myself,

and to consider what others are feeling and why they act as they do.

Whenever we could not figure something out,

how something was made or how it worked,

we would call upon dad.

He was the family encyclopedia, our teacher, our librarian.

Time and time again he delighted us with his answers.

My father’s heart

could no longer keep pumping.

Now his spirit has sailed away

into uncharted waters.

Sadly I wave, wishing him safe passage.

Every year is a chance to begin anew, to strive for the things we desire to create, experience, accomplish.  The tree is down and the decorations are put away (finally), and so it is time to pursue new projects.  I certainly have new sources of inspiration, almost so many that I am to the point of not knowing where to start. Here are a few of those inspirational things.

I won the raffle basket at the guild meeting on Wednesday.  It is filled with fabric, patterns, a book, earrings, and a lovely mug rug (or margarita mat)  made by Rene.

I have new fabric with which to play ……

…and new books to explore.

Happy New Year!

©Copyright 2012

The post man came and delivered three packages. Before I could photograph them, a storm rushed in along with UPS and another package.  Four in one day, what riches!

I watched the rain from the door.

I watched the rain from the window.

I opened the door to get the biggest experience of rain without actually going outside.

The connection to the satellite t.v. was lost.

But who cares with four packages to open?

I was excited to get the new product from Gelli Arts which lets you do gelatin printing without gelatin.  It looks so much easier and as to what gelatin is made up of well that is a whole other topic.


I also received some thermofax supplies in anticipation of my new thermofax machine which should be shipped in the next week or so.

I also received four books for information and inspiration in the world of fabrics and printing. They are:

Designing and Printing Textiles by June Fish

Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design for Fabric by Jane Dunnewold

Dyeing and screen-printing on textiles by Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor

Contemporary Textiles: the fabric of fine art by Black Dog Publishing

Rain? What rain?

©Copyright 2011

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