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Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and wishing for everyone to have a great New Year!

This last year I have been more about doing than about blogging/recording it. And it has been an eventful year.

Coastal nature continues to be a daily treat.

sunrise.jpg sunrise2.jpg

midday.jpg sunset.jpg

Cooking is fun in the new kitchen.

frittata.jpg IMG_kitchen

Though there are always a few mishaps along the way.

mishap.jpg  broken cup.jpg

Traveled a little both nearer and farther.

IMG_artdoor.jpg IMG_bridge.jpg

Had precious visits to and from loved ones. Not everyone is featured here to protect the innocent (or not so innocent).  Some of the photos merely are hints.


IMG_horse.jpg IMG_francis.jpg



Had fun with friends…


Created crafty, artsy things, like playing with photo apps,


making pins to wear (or not) out of precut wood pieces.


Made some great shoulder bags out of this fabric but must have forgotten to photograph the bags…


Made a tunic…


and an apron…


and finished several more quilts…




dyed some fabric… some of which is in an art quilt that is days away from finished.


This year I also came to terms with the fact that my projects take more space than I have.  So I rented a little studio space where I have sufficient room for my “dry” studio activities.  (This means designing, drawing out my ideas, piecing, and long arm quilting as well as storing my stockpile of supplies. I will still be dyeing and printing on fabrics at home.)




The morning I picked up the studio keys I was greeted by a rainbow.  Seems like a good sign to me.  ;)


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Some of my friends like bees; even love bees.  Some people want them at their homes and even bring them back if they try to move away.  (You know who you are.) Not me.  Nope.  I don’t want them hanging around in my yard, especially not inside the wall of my house.  I found someone to keep them away. If I want some honey I can drive down the road to the grocery store.  That works just fine for me. Thank you very much.


I have been experimenting with my new cookbooks.  This browned Cauliflower Gratin came from “Sprouted Kitchen, Bowl and Spoon” by Sara Forte. Mmm, very satisfying.


My favorite green bean recipe comes from Heidi Swanson’s “Near and Far.” The beans are slightly crisp with added crunch from sauteed sliced almonds and pepitas with zatar seasoning.


I have been doing some hand stitching.  I would have been done already if I had used a sewing machine, but the design printed with paint on the fabric was just too complex to do anything other than hand stitch it.


Oh and yes, this is a sander.  I am using it on a quilt.  This is just a test piece to see how the idea works.  You’ll just have to wonder and wait until I use it on a “real” work.  : )

© 2015

sIMG_1596med jrrmed

In August I flew to California to see baby Jasper. Besides finding a beautiful, good natured child pictured above with proud parents, I also discovered uncooked tortillas. It just takes 30 seconds on each side to heat each one. It is hard to find them where I am in Florida, but I did discover a supply and so for several weeks I went on a fajita cooking frenzy. I found several meat substitutes that worked well with the fajita mixture; one is the Tofurkey Chorizo Style (ground) and another that worked well is Sweet Earth’s Chipotle Style Seitan (strips or ground). With the fajitas I served both homemade salsa and homemade avocado salsa, recipes from Moosewood Restaurant Favorites.

IMG_7933med IMG_7939med

Following my trip to California, I travelled to Texas for the class I go to every six months. When I returned from my trip to Texas I received from Amazon what is my newest favorite cookbook, Near and Far by Heidi Swanson.  So my cooking frenzy has been diverted to a different style of cooking which has involved turmeric and cauliflower and various beans, cheeses, pastas and creme fraiche.


Before heading to Texas I had a number of projects to complete.


I had a huge dye project in which I took fabrics of various shades of grey and over-dyed them with undiluted primary and secondary colors.  I used cotton, silk and rayon. The resulting colors were often very rich.  What a great way to get a collection of fabrics that would all work well together out of one or two dye pots.


I also had to produce a series of surface design pieces. This is a stack of whole cloth pieces with dye and textile paints.  I will probably finish three of them with backing and batting and stitching.  I don’t know yet which might be stitched on the long arm and which might be better with hand stitching.  While I enjoyed the process of seeing the layers build up into the final design, I plan to completely change direction this time around.

A few random photos from my trip to Texas.

IMG_8027med IMG_8047med IMG_7999med

In preparation for my next work I am gathering together an assortment of things which includes quilt templates, spackle and a sander.  You’ll just have to be patient while I experiment a bit with my ideas.

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You don’t have to give up your favorite recipes when you become a vegetarian, you just have to tweak them some!  I have been making a version of Picadillo which I really enjoy. You start out by sauteing onions, garlic, green pepper and if you like some red peppers too.

Then you add some Morningstar or Boca meatless crumbles followed by a jar of mushrooms and a can of chopped tomatoes.  I season with kosher salt and hot sauce and add some raisins. When the rasins are plump and the dish is almost ready to eat, I add sliced green olives and slivered almonds. Serve over rice. Yum.

 ©Copyright 2011

I worked and worked all day on Sew Day with seemingly so little to show for it. Maybe it is because I worked on a stack of triangles all day for my spiderweb quilt, or maybe it was all the talking.

We talked about everything under the sun as we usually do.  When we were talking about cooking The Pioneer Woman blog came up.  I looked it up later and found many recipes that interested me.  The other day I decided to try Vegetable Lasagna.

It called for a large quantity of  veggies including onions, garlic, red pepper, summer squash, mushrooms, tomatoes and parsley.

The recipe calls for lots of cheeses too; ricotta, parmesan, and mozarella.

The end results were worth the trip to the store to get all the ingredients and all that slicing and chopping. Yummy.

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