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There has been much lamenting in the last year.  Lamenting for the victims of the Pulse Shootings.


Lamenting for politics, politicians, election results, fake news, leaks and hacks.

(The Crying Liberty image is all over the internet and I am sorry to say I do not know who to credit for it.)


There have been happy distractions such as collage paintings.img_9401sm2



Hmm.  And some things I will not confess. img_8994sm2

I visited the West Coast.


Where I got to spend time with this little guy.


And I visited the Midwest.

img_9004sm2 img_9012sm2

And I made one of my twice a year trips to Texas.  Hmm do you call Texas the South or the West?


When I returned from Texas I hoped I was going to have a home to return to.

Thanks Hurricane Matthew for reminding me of the power of nature and for sparing my home and only temporarily wiping out beach access.img_9393sm2

And everyday the East Coast reminds me of the absolute beauty of nature.img_9227sm2img_9576sm2





Spoiler Alert!  The use of the term “UFO” does not refer to alien means of travel.


It is pretty easy to blog on a regular basis.  It gets more challenging as I let some time elapse.  The more time that goes by the more ideas of things I have to write about.


Towards the end of March I left home on a road trip wearing shorts and sandals.  By the time I arrived in the mid-west it was snowing.  Climate shock!



I did some driving back and forth while visiting in the mid-west.  And I admit that I took a number of photos with my phone while behind the wheel. The next five photos are evidence.






In those last two photos, I assure you my windshield was not dirty, for miles and miles there were humongous numbers of birds in flight.


I have planted a number of herbs and tomatoes in my little kitchen garden.  The cherry tomato plants were loaded with ripe cherry tomatoes, but a squirrel got to them before I did.  There were little bits of tomato skins all over the ground under the tree near the tomato planter.  The regular tomatoes should ripen soon. Hopefully Mr. Squirrel will still be sick of tomatoes when these are ready to eat.



I planted several flowering trees and a Passion Flower Vine.  This bloom is on the Hong Kong Orchid Tree.



I have long maintained that my gardening style is “Survival of the Fittest.” However,  I am truly branching out now by attempting to raise a few indoor plants.



I finally got to work on some unfinished projects…framing art work.

I framed this scanned copy of a mermaid painting by artist Amy Weber.



I also framed these scanned pieces by photographer Anna Tomczak.



And I even did the same for a few of my own cyanotypes.




I also painted the sides of birch boxes a deep blue to match the cyanotypes that I had adhered to the boxes before coating the images with wax.



I would never want to get to the bottom of my “to do” list so, oh no, so I bought some paint in lovely beach colors to paint odds and ends of furniture.



And finally what you have been waiting for, to look behind closed door number one. Yes, these roomy cabinets make it easy to give a false appearance of neatness in the studio.


This is the inside of the left hand cabinet.  I had to open it.  Our quilt guild is going to do a UFO challenge.  UFO is Unfinished Object.  We are to count how many we have and see how many we can get done by the end of the year.  For each one we complete we will get a chance towards winning a prize.  I was going to stack all the UFOs on the cutting table and photograph the pile for you.  However, merely opening the door resulted in a threat of an avalanche of fabric.



The project I am working on right now is a Wonky Cross pattern.  I love using so many different prints. However, I am dragging my feet.  I find I don’t really like cutting similar blocks over and over again. It’s all I can do to cut about three blocks in one sitting.  At this rate it will take months and it won’t even be that big of a quilt.



So now we know that it can be summer and winter at the same time a few states apart.  And squirrels will eat tomatoes.  And UFOs aren’t necessarily from outer space.



©Copyright 2014

I have been on 5 major trips in the last four months. 3 or 5 have been by car thereby  putting almost an additional 7,000 miles on my car. In order:

Florida –> Iowa –> Florida

Florida –> Seattle, Washington –> Florida

Florida –> North Carolina –> Florida

Florida –> Iowa –> Tennessee –> Florida

Florida –> Iowa –> Florida

I have been back home just over a week and feel like I am getting caught up again. I am finally back to my quilting projects today and should have something to share really soon.   I am going to try to get as much fabric play in as possible before the undetermined date in the near future when once again I will be on the road.


©Copyright 2012



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