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There has been much lamenting in the last year.  Lamenting for the victims of the Pulse Shootings.


Lamenting for politics, politicians, election results, fake news, leaks and hacks.

(The Crying Liberty image is all over the internet and I am sorry to say I do not know who to credit for it.)


There have been happy distractions such as collage paintings.img_9401sm2



Hmm.  And some things I will not confess. img_8994sm2

I visited the West Coast.


Where I got to spend time with this little guy.


And I visited the Midwest.

img_9004sm2 img_9012sm2

And I made one of my twice a year trips to Texas.  Hmm do you call Texas the South or the West?


When I returned from Texas I hoped I was going to have a home to return to.

Thanks Hurricane Matthew for reminding me of the power of nature and for sparing my home and only temporarily wiping out beach access.img_9393sm2

And everyday the East Coast reminds me of the absolute beauty of nature.img_9227sm2img_9576sm2





A wonderful trip to France occupied the first half of May.  I am still uploading photos of my adventures to my computer.  I will share some of these photos in a series of posts all of which will include the word “Provence” in the title. The following two photos are of the entrance ways to the two 700 year old farm houses that our small group stayed in.  The two houses faced each other across a small walled in courtyard.



When I returned from France I took a three day workshop with Australian artist Tracy Verdugo. She is a supportive and sensitive person who excelled at helping the participants keep our inner critics at bay, which in turn helped us feel free to explore and have fun. The following two pieces are what I completed during the workshop.



During the workshop we also held a ceremony to honor nature and release our good wishes into the universe.  The pictures tell that story.




The flower mandala was later released into the ocean.

I used photoshop to greatly alter one of the closeup photos.IMG_8564-med

Stay tuned.  Many more photos to come!





This is my first painting on silk fabric.  I love the richness of the colors on the silk.  I am not sure if I will try this technique again.  I found it much simpler to use watercolor on fabric with soy milk than applying a gutta (resist) outline first before painting on the silk. I completed this in the fall, but only framed it today. Just click on the photo if you want to see a closer view.

©Copyright 2010

I took a one day class on fabric painting using watercolors and soy milk. The soy milk, which you make in the blender with soybeans and water keeps the watercolor paints from running should you wash or wet the fabric. You soak your fabric in the soy milk, let it dry, then press it.

You use foam board and cover it with felt, taping down the edges on the backside of the board, to be the support for your fabric as you paint it.

You take a line drawing of what you intend to paint, in this case a close up of a flower and place it on the support board you made.  Then place the fabric over the line drawing securing the fabric with pins. Trace a very light pencil outline of the line drawing on the prepared fabric.

The instructor had us practice with the paints first to get the feeling of the paint and the brushes.

Juanita Yeager is an informative and fun teacher who makes you very relaxed about the process allowing you to simply enjoy learning.

In progress.

This is what I ended up with by the end of the class.  Now that I have had some time to look at it, I can see where I want to go in and add more paint to darken a few areas and to add a few more details.  After that I will trim the composition, add batting and backing and use threads to  further add texture and details. I completely enjoyed this process and intend to experiment with it further in the future.  I’ll show you the pics when I have this piece completed.  Promise.  ;)

Everything is pulled out of the closets.  Furniture pushed away from the walls, equipment strewn around. There is no where safe for my little dog. My house is being painted. I can not cook, or eat at a table, or use the computer at the desk, or work on a quilt, or do laundry. On top of it all,  I see things I do not want to put back into the closets or put back on  shelves. I like to see the areas that are freshly painted and uncluttered.  I think it is time for drastic change, for major de-cluttering and reorganization.  It is also gorgeous outside, sunny blue skies, blooming azaleas and camelias and fresh pots of herbs.  It is time for new beginnings, it is spring time and time for spring cleaning.

Tree trunk as puzzle piece

Deep color of azaleas

Thriving herbs

Camelia bud

Beautiful decay



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