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In recent times, so much has happened in the world, in my life, in my art that blogging has fallen to the wayside.  Catching up seems like an impossible task and then I start wondering if I should blog at all.  But I do love sharing glimpses of my art explorations, cooking attempts and beach adventures as I also love seeing the explorations of others.  So I will give it another try, not by attempting to catch up, but just by continuing to show tidbits of the world from my limited vantage point.

So for today, here are a few tidbits.

First is a small self portrait done on fabric with photoshop, printing on fabric, water color paints, ink pencils and stitching.

Self Portrait_IMG_1173

Here is a little fabric post card I made (though the wonders of Photoshop)  for someone who is moving far, far away on a big adventure of her own.


And on today’s menu is a favorite soup, Pasta E Ceci.  I like all the versions (vegetarian) that I have tried, but this particular version is from “Whole Bowls” by Allison Day.


And while the thunder is rumbling outside and I eat the warm soup, I will laugh my way through another Dave Barry book.







I have been thinking a lot about creativity and deterrents to it. Among the various obstacles in the way of creative time is what our family calls “Gramma’s Rule,” the concept that you must get your work done before you relax and have fun. Like most people my “to do” list never ends, as fast as one task is completed another gets added to the list.  I have decided it’s time for me to reorder my priorities! I need to figure out a way to honor myself by setting aside time to do the things I love.  Easier said than done.  I will report on my progress.

IMG_6455 copy

I took a great half day workshop over the week end on monoprinting.  Some of the individual photos of prints are not perfectly true to the color of the original. That is a great thing about photoshop, to be able to brighten as desired.  Some of these prints could end up as layers within other photos.








©Copyright 2014

The weather has been incredibly great, so I have been spending more time outdoors.


The garden is growing wildly.  I putter around in it, though it doesn’t need much attention.  This is my gardening assistant.


The Basil and Thai Basil are more like shrubbery.


The tomatoes are promising.


The pepper plant branches are heavy with the weight of the green peppers.


There is one purple pepper.  I had never before heard of purple peppers.


I also have a stack of incomplete fabric pieces to finish up.  This one is in the long arm.


You didn’t really think I was going to show you the project before it was done, did you? : )

I really like my long arm thread storage.


Top of the Lake is what I have been watching now that I am up to date on what is available on Netflix for Mad Man, The Killing and Girls.


I have also been playing around some with photoshop.

This photo…


got changed into this…


and into this…


and into this.


©Copyright 2013

I love photography, especially altering images in photoshop.  I also like to print them out on fabric.  The size I can print is limited by my printer. I knew that you could create images that you could repeat and print on fabric through sites such as Spoonflower.  I have not yet created any images to use in repeats as fabric though that is on my list of things to try.  I recently got the idea that I should try larger prints of single images to use in quilts, so I decided to give Spoonflower a try for this purpose. Here are a few of the ones I had printed and just got back in the mail.

I was not sure how the color would turn out so I did two small prints to help me decide if I would want to make larger prints in the future.

This  image is printed on a fat quarter of Kona Cotton.

This image on a fat quarter is printed out 4 times to make a pattern.

What do you think?  I can’t wait to make something from them.

©Copyright 2012

This small quilt was created by manipulating images in photoshop to create the center image and the star images that were printed on the fabric used for  the center and the inner borders.

A close up of the stitching.

©Copyright 2012

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