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Whenever I go to a quilt show that has some quilts by Pauline Salzman it seems inevitable that some of them will be among my favorites.  That is the case with QuiltFest 2014 in Jacksonville (Florida).

Here are two of Pauline Salzman recent award winning quilts along with a close up shot or two.

The first one is “Still Life.”






The second quilt is named “Crime Scene Investigation.”





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I made it to the QuiltFest 2013 show in Jacksonville.  I am not sure why I was surprised at how many traditional quilts were in the show.  I did not take a lot of photos of the more traditional quilts as I am more focused on art quilts and more modern quilts. You can click on any of the photos for a larger view.

The overall first place prize was awarded to this traditional quilt, Cotton Boll, by Jill Allen, which was hand appliqued and quilted.  The workmanship was impressive.


This first place ribbon in Small Pieced Quilts was awarded to Nikki Hill for the following quilt.


First place for Intermediate Pieced quilts was awarded to Janet Frank.


Second Place for Large Pieced Quilts went to Carolyn Allen. This was one of a handful of quilts more closely fit the description of Modern.


Second Place in Miniatures went to Mary Kay Mouton.


Pauline Salzman, who never fails to get a smile out of me, won a Second Place ribbon in the Other Applique Quilts category for “Furrealism: Dali Has Gone to the Dogs.”


Patricia Styring won a blue ribbon in Small Art Quilts for the following.


Second Place for Small Art Quilts was won by Mary Rhopa La Cierra.


Third Place for Small Art Quilts was awarded to Ellen White.


First for Large Art Quilts was won by Nancy Kay Smith.


Mary Jane Amato won Second Place for Large Art Quilts.


Third Place for Large Art Quilts was won by Patricia Styring.


I liked the refreshing colors in the quilt by Linda Hungerford.


I liked how all the squares have a shadow square to the lower left in this quilt by Mary Ann Leonard and


I also like how the backside of the quilt is just as interesting as the front side.


The color scheme is appealing in this quilt by Laura Austin.


This cheerful quilt by Sandra Sontag really got my attention.


I really enjoyed the design of Catherine Macnamara’s quilt.


“Sea Glass” by Margaret Solomon won both an honorable mention and a ribbon for Best Machine Quilting.


This quilt by Susan Surdyk uses hand dyed fabrics and transferred original art.



This quilt by Mary Rhopa La Cierra uses recycled linen, cotton and polyester


This painted quilt is by Susan Cockerham.


Kathryn Metzger painted this quilt with inks based on a photo (used with permission) by Melyin Cepeda.


Mary Rhopa La Cierra’s quilt, “Earth-A Work in Progress” was awarded a Judge’s Recognition.


Cynthia Mitchell’s quilt won an Honorable Mention.



One of my favorites of the show was this Honorable Mention quilt by Pauline Salzman named “Group Therapy.”  My photo of the whole quilt does not do it justice, but the close up photos give you a much better view.





Now that I have had this shot of inspiration, it is time to get back into the quilt studio!

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Some of the quilts could be categorized as nature quilts.  Diane Harris of Monroe, New Hampshire created “The Narrows.”

“St Marks Wildlife Refuge” is by Barbara Hoagland of Tallahassee. It was awarded a ribbon for Judge’s Recognition.

“The Old Path” is by Mary Rhopa La Cierra of St Augustine.

“Shades of Summer” also by Mary Rhopa La Cierra won a Judge’s Recognition ribbon.

Sue Turnquist of Tifton, Georgia created “Go Ahead, Make My Day!”

Quilts that showed humor or whimsy also caught my attention. Two examples are by Pauline Salzman of Treasure Island. I liked how the background of “Canine Chronicles” (which won an Honorable Mention) had printed stories about the dogs.

“Gorilla of My Dreams”by Pauline Salzman references many well known gorillas.

Sun Bonnet Sue has gone bad. “The Salacious Secrets of Sam and Sue” is by Teddy Pruett of Lake City and it won a Judge’s Recognition. It was created from blocks “donated by friends nationwide.” As Teddy said, Sam and Sue have been very naughty.

Patricia Styring of St. Augustine won a first place ribbon for Other Appliqued Quilts. My whole quilt photo does not do the quilt justice.  But at least from the closeup you can see the quality of the work and whimsy in the design.

Another category of quilt that intriqued me was quilts that were inspired by other pieces of art. “Through the Lens: Viewing the Multiverse” by Kathryn Metzger of Ocala was painted in inks and adapted from a watercolor by Dr. Clifford Pickover.

“Discordant” by Linda Cantrell was inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso.

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The Quilt Show took place in Jacksonville, Florida on September 26, 27, and 28, 2012 at the Prime F. Osborne III Convention Center.

Best in Show was won by Pamela McIntyre of Gainesville (all locations are in Florida unless specified otherwise) for “Sunshine” which was paper pieced as well as fuse appliqued.

There were so many wonderful quilts, that I really had to limit myself in how many I photographed.  So many fantastic quilts including award winners are not represented in my posts. The ones that I show in Parts I and II caught my attention for a variety of reasons.

The next very colorful quilt is ” Harlequin Summer” which is a Florida Cabin Fever Guild quilt entered by Joyce Johnson and long arm quilted by Lisa Mullins.

I  loved the red swirly design on “Bursting Swirls” by Shirley Pope of Tampa.

“Where’s the Beach” is another collaborative quilt. It is by Kathy Rutherford, Anna Varner, Bonnie Helm, June Rittscher and Mary Anne Dennis. It is quilted by Bob Provencher.

“One Hundred Years at Rest” commemorating the 100th anniversary of the loss of the Titanic is by Nikki Hill of St. Augustine. It won a first place ribbon for Large Art Quilts.

“Oh My Gosh” by Hillary Wellborn of High Springs won a first place ribbon for Large Pieced Quilts.  Amazingly it contains 9,941 pieces that are between one half an inch to two inches. It was quilted by Patty Butcher.

“Dream Truck” made by Mary Carrico and quilted by Ken Carrico interested me in that not only did it contain 8,300 pieces it was a pixelated image of Ken’s dream truck “computed” by Wendy Lewis.

“Batik Sampler,”made by Charlene Gustin of Papillion, Nebraska, while visiting in Florida, and quilted by Dwynette Valenti, won a ribbon for Best Machine Quilting. I don’t have a good image of the overall quilt, but instead I have some closeups which show that each section is quilted differently.  Not only is it a batik sampler it is also a stitching sampler.

The overall design and colors of “Garden of Dogwoods” by Mary Jo Kuhn really attracted my attention.  Then upon looking closer I also appreciated that the dogwood blossoms were 3 D additions.

“The Doll Maker, Nassau” by Traci Mims of Orange Park, also has a 3 D element in the dolls added to the bottom edge of the quilt.

“Space Dust and Other Junk” by Mary DeWind of Palm Coast is a pleasing example of an embellished quilt.

There were a number of embellishments on “Sunshine Scrap Baskets” by Sunnie Malesky of Jacksonville.  I was most amused by the red glasses.

The elephant tails and ears were 3 D elements on “Elephant Walk-Choose Your Own Path” by Jomaire Monsoro of Jacksonville.

The last two quilts I just had to include because they have mermaids.  I am sure I was a mermaid in another life. :) The first one, “Storytime” by Michelle Reinhard of Winter Park, is a QuiltFest Challenge Quilt. The final one is “Mermaid Sisters” by Michelle Dinges of Jacksonville.

Part II to be posted tomorrow!


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I really enjoyed the quilt show, and I will write more about it tomorrow. Promise! But first the important thing, my new fabrics!  These new additions to my stash all purchased at QuestFest include batiks, Japanese fabrics and some exotic beaded silks.  Don’t tell anyone, but it is going to be hard to find a place to store these.

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