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After procrastinating a year, I have started to plan a home remodeling project. This will involve the kitchen and a guest bath, so you know this will be a big messy job.  I have looked at so many paint colors and painted so many little sample cards you wouldn’t believe it.  I have so many variations of the color teal that I am looking around the house for what all I can redo with the sample paints.


Another project was the making of these tiny shorts.  Yes, they are pretty wild, but toddlers are much less inhibited in their clothing choices than are the rest of us.  Plus the fabric has all kinds of trucks, one of the favorite things (other than pianos, guitars and violins) of this little guy. I used the pdf basic shorts pattern from the website Made Everyday with Dana.


Another project made for the same little treasure, is this toddler blanket. I love the Nightfall collection designed by Maureen Cracknell and manufactured by Art Gallery. Hopefully the little one isn’t too grown up to appreciate all the owls, rabbits and dragonflies.


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I remodeled our kitchen about three years ago.  I like all the materials that I selected, but I have never been satisfied with the stone backsplash.  It is beautiful natural stone, however the way it was installed each area of tile ends in a different configuration. One area extends to the end of the cabinets, another area past the end of the cabinets and a third area it is used only as a border.  I got the idea to have an artist faux paint some additional stone tiles to make the stone have a more cohesive look.  Here are just a few before and after pics.  The before pics are taken as the artist was preparing the work space.





Do you like the before or after pics better?  Have you ever done a faux painting project yourself?  How did it turn out? While I can see where the stones and the painting begins and ends, it does still accomplish what I was striving to achieve.

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