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Wen Redmond, one of my favorite creative people, gave a most welcomed detailed demo and talk, “Digital Explorations in Fiber and Mixed Media,” about the processes she uses in her work.  I was so excited to attend this demo sponsored by the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.

The program was offered in relation to the opening of two exhibits at the Ruth Funk, SAQA’s “Radical Elements” and “The View Within.”  In “Radical Elements” each artist was asked to select an element from the periodic table as a jumping off point to inspire his or her work. In “A View Within” two fiber artists use medical imaging to inspire their pieces.

Here are just a few photos of work in “Radical Elements.”  While it is too late to hear Wen speak, you are in luck if you want to enjoy the exhibits which run from May 28 up until August 27th.


“Lighter than Air” by Wen Redmond (Helium)


“Blizzard” Kathy York (Technetium)



“Cold Fire” by Kathie Kerler (Phosphorus)



“Hay Meets Rontgen” by Jim Hay (Roentgenium)





I have never before been away so long from my blog.  Yes, I have been very busy. I did think of a variety of things to share, but somehow the longer I waited to write, the harder it got.

I went to the Florida SAQA conference (Studio Art Quilt Associates) and had a great time meeting other art quilters.


There were art flags running over the bridge between the parking area and the buildings at FIT where the conference was held.

IMG_7571                            IMG_7574-2

The exhibit, Southern Accents,  which opened during the Conference at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts is wonderful.  For those of you in Florida it is on display until August 22 and is well worth the visit.

I have also been dyeing and dyeing and dyeing fabric.  And I have also been putting paint on fabric in a variety of ways.


I won’t show you any of the finished fabric projects I am working on for Jane Dunnewold’s Art Cloth Mastery Program. : (

But I will show you what a big mess I create when I work on a project.


And I have been cooking up a storm. Mostly the dishes have been successes: ginger bread, raspberry muffins with chia seeds,  linguine with red onions, kale and goat cheese, and frittatas, with eggs and assorted veggies (anything including potatoes, onions, summer squash, broccolini, zucchini) and cheese.  I think the feta was my favorite but goat cheese is really yummy on a frittata too. Ah, now I have gone and made myself hungry.  Time to go find a snack.


© 2015

Last weekend I had a chance to stop by the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at the Florida Institute of Technology and see the exhibit, Embellished: A Celebration of Wearable Art. I am so glad that I did.  The exhibit runs until December 13th, so you still have a chance to get there.

Here is a little taste from the four exhibited textile artists.

This is the incredibly detailed work on a jacket named Happily Ever After by Ann Clarke. When I saw this jacket I finally understood why working obsessively had the potential to give excellent results.



These shoes by Marina Dempster are named Immune. I know I wouldn’t want to get close to the person wearing them.  :)



Ruth Funk uses all kinds of unique materials in her wearable art including antique fabrics from all around the world as well as items found in nature.  Here pumpkin seeds embellish the collar.



And on this jacket Ruth Funk has used dried shiitaki mushrooms.



This beautiful silk coat is a wonderful example of the work by Kerr Grabowski.  I enjoy the colors, the mark making, as well as the transparency and lightness of the silk.



This is a close up of a silk vest made by Kerr Grabowski. Her pieces are so airy and light; really beautiful and wearable, inspirational.


© 2014


Saturday I attended the exhibit, “Florida in Fabric II, Wish You Were Here!” exhibit at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at the Florida Institute of Technology. There are many wonderful art quilts on display in the “Florida in Fabric” exhibit as well as in the companion show, “Oil Stains” by Eleanor McCain.

The exhibit is open from May 24 – August 23, 2014. This is a tiny sample to whet your appetite.  Turn on the GPS and take a trip well worth the time.


Linda Hoffmeister with her art quilt.



Susan Rienzo with “Sunshine State of Mind.”



Maya Schonenberger’s  “Sunset 1.”


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