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Seems like it has been a month of art inspirations.


Had a wonderful trip to the Dali Museum to see both the Frida Kahlo exhibit as well as the Dali paintings.



Made a quick trip to the Mancuso Quilt Florida Show in Orlando.

This was an interesting hanging sculpture in the Convention Center.



These are a few favorites.


“What the World Needs Now” by Gabriele DiTota (USA)



“Pele: She-Who-Shapes-the-Land” by Jenny Hearn (South Africa)



“The Sunrise in the Bougainvilleas” by Mihoko Tanaka (Japan)



“True Blue Mates” by Yvonne Chapman (Australia)



“Beginning True” by Sue de Vanny (Australia)

And then another quick but rewarding trip was made to see the SAQA Stitched: Embracing the Quilt as Fine Art exhibit in Stuart, Florida. (Runs Jan. 20th til Feb. 25th, so you still have a chance to see it.) It is a very impressive show.

I wish I had photos of all the quilts to share. I am sharing what I was able to photograph around the attendees. And that is my excuse for the quilts being shot at an angle.

These four are by Ellen Lindner (top two quilts), Karol Kusmaul (bottom left) and Margaret Knepper (bottom right).img_0115


This one is by Becky Stack.


A close up of the entry by Louise Hall.


The next one is by Loreen Leedy.


And this is by Marianne Williamson.


The following is by Gabriele DiTota.


This is by Suzanne Evenson.


I will end with a striking piece by Patricia Turner.






Wen Redmond, one of my favorite creative people, gave a most welcomed detailed demo and talk, “Digital Explorations in Fiber and Mixed Media,” about the processes she uses in her work.  I was so excited to attend this demo sponsored by the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.

The program was offered in relation to the opening of two exhibits at the Ruth Funk, SAQA’s “Radical Elements” and “The View Within.”  In “Radical Elements” each artist was asked to select an element from the periodic table as a jumping off point to inspire his or her work. In “A View Within” two fiber artists use medical imaging to inspire their pieces.

Here are just a few photos of work in “Radical Elements.”  While it is too late to hear Wen speak, you are in luck if you want to enjoy the exhibits which run from May 28 up until August 27th.


“Lighter than Air” by Wen Redmond (Helium)


“Blizzard” Kathy York (Technetium)



“Cold Fire” by Kathie Kerler (Phosphorus)



“Hay Meets Rontgen” by Jim Hay (Roentgenium)




I have never before been away so long from my blog.  Yes, I have been very busy. I did think of a variety of things to share, but somehow the longer I waited to write, the harder it got.

I went to the Florida SAQA conference (Studio Art Quilt Associates) and had a great time meeting other art quilters.


There were art flags running over the bridge between the parking area and the buildings at FIT where the conference was held.

IMG_7571                            IMG_7574-2

The exhibit, Southern Accents,  which opened during the Conference at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts is wonderful.  For those of you in Florida it is on display until August 22 and is well worth the visit.

I have also been dyeing and dyeing and dyeing fabric.  And I have also been putting paint on fabric in a variety of ways.


I won’t show you any of the finished fabric projects I am working on for Jane Dunnewold’s Art Cloth Mastery Program. : (

But I will show you what a big mess I create when I work on a project.


And I have been cooking up a storm. Mostly the dishes have been successes: ginger bread, raspberry muffins with chia seeds,  linguine with red onions, kale and goat cheese, and frittatas, with eggs and assorted veggies (anything including potatoes, onions, summer squash, broccolini, zucchini) and cheese.  I think the feta was my favorite but goat cheese is really yummy on a frittata too. Ah, now I have gone and made myself hungry.  Time to go find a snack.


© 2015

The Florida contingent of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Association) held a Mini-Conference over the weekend. I can give you just a little taste of this event.

The juried exhibit opening was held at the Rose Room Gallery at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach.

Maya Schonenberger, the exhibit judge, made the awards and gave a presentation on the judging process.

Best in Show went to Barbara W. Watler for “Transitions”.

First Place to Jayne Bentley Gaskins for “A Note from Papa H”.

Second Place to Pat Kumicich for “Weight-Weight Don’t Tell Me”.

Third Place to Marianne R. Williamson for “The Inlet”.

Honorable Mention to Sandra Donabed for “Fandangode Tortuga”.

After lunch the event moved to the Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA) in New Smyrna Beach.

Information about SAQA was followed by a Panel Discussion to answer attendees questions on topics such as marketing and working with galleries. This was followed by a show and tell session.  Ellen Linder (upper photo) and Jayne Gaskins (lower) are just two of many who shared a sample of their work.

Following dinner, Dr. Roberta Smith Favis of Stetson University, gave a presentation about women in the arts.

Many thanks to Mary McBride, Jayne Gaskins and Nancy Billings for organizing such a wonderful opportunity for inspiration and networking.

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The “Florida in Fabric; Wish You Were Here” exhibit is being held in conjunction with “Yvonne Porcella: Quilt Selections 1986-2012.” Members of the regional pod of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA ) along with other members of the public attended the tour of the exhibit with internationally known artist, Yvonne Porcella. It was through my SAQA participation that I learned of this unique opportunity at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts. Yvonne is the founder of  SAQA and she attended our pod meeting after the tour, where she continued to tell stories and offer many useful tips.

Yvonne led the tour through the gallery stopping by each of her quilts and giving us information about how it was made, what was on her mind and amusing anecdotes.

Having samples from various times helped illustrate the development of Yvonne’s fiber art.

The four pieces above are:

Mariah (top left)

Monte (top right)

Brenda (bottom left)

Theodora (bottom right)

Dick and Jane

 The individual pieces in the above series are:

Paris View

Lou and Who

Two + Two



For a little more of her work try this You Tube video.

©Copyright 2012

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