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My aging little buddy ended up with a spinal injury. I was afraid he wasn’t going to make it.

IMg-1024 IMG_1283











But with the help of accupuncture, meds and rest, he has recovered in a way I did not think possible.


While staying at home with my little buddy recuperating, I had time for lots of projects.


Painting my work table a fresh new color.



Making pillow cases from these fabrics and more.


Sewing a reversible shoulder bag. (Pattern is Lickety Split Bag by Made by Rae.)


Cooking. (The first a simple recipe from Smitten Kitchen. The second is a version of a cold greek pasta salad, perfect for a hot summer day.)



Then to try to get myself back on track, back into a creative groove, I started a drawing class.






Have you seen the joke (courtesy of Belgium cartoon artist, Canary Pete) going around the internet; the one in which a prospective employee arrives for a job interview at Ikea and the chair in the office is in parts on the floor?


Well, Ikea can just hire me, no assembly test required.  Over the course of a few days I have gone from a grumbling, tool dropping, directions-upside-down assembler to an efficient, confident and competent workman. If I assemble anything else, I am going to have the part numbers memorized.

On and off for months I have studied the Ikea catalog looking for furniture to better organize my fabric studio. And during the mayhem of Christmas and family, movie watching, cookie baking, an auto accident, insurance claims, and the purchase of a new vehicle, I ventured into the Ikea store and purchased several pieces of furniture.  And let’s just summarize by saying that one piece was assembled per day.

The first piece put together slides under my sewing machine table.


The second storage unit fits under my work table and has enough room for me to also house the light box under the table.


The third piece of furniture holds my various quilting magazines, dyeing and surface design videos, a Holly Hobbie sewing machine and three tjaps. Yes, it is true that the bookshelf is almost wedged into a corner between a fabric cabinet and an old card catalog that holds threads and notions, but seriously the items now on the shelves were spread out in two rooms before.


When I finally thought I was all finished building furniture, I spied another disorganized space that had room for some help.


So I went and purchased and assembled a last piece of storage furniture. And now I am truly ready to work in the assembly and delivery department at Ikea, maybe in Sweden. Hmm. Som skulle vara bra.


And I do confess that furniture was not the only thing I looked at while shopping in Ikea.  I found a glass on a display that I really liked.  When I finally found where it was located in the store, I discovered it was 66% off.  So I bought 16 instead of 6. : )


And while I am confessing, I have to admit that all this organizing did have to come out of my fun-with-fabric time.  So my latest project has been on hold. There should be more on this soon.  For now, here is a little sneak peak.


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*The Ikea cartoon is by Canary Pete, a cartoon artist from Belgium.

Every year is a chance to begin anew, to strive for the things we desire to create, experience, accomplish.  The tree is down and the decorations are put away (finally), and so it is time to pursue new projects.  I certainly have new sources of inspiration, almost so many that I am to the point of not knowing where to start. Here are a few of those inspirational things.

I won the raffle basket at the guild meeting on Wednesday.  It is filled with fabric, patterns, a book, earrings, and a lovely mug rug (or margarita mat)  made by Rene.

I have new fabric with which to play ……

…and new books to explore.

Happy New Year!

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Yesterday was a big day with

all the parts to be unpacked…

and all the assembling…

and then testing on scrap fabric!

I can do it!

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